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PerfectClock Professional Edition 4.1.1

PerfectClock Professional Edition Editor's Review

PerfectClock 2007 Professional Edition is a desktop clock application. The main purpose of the program is to display a digital or analog clock, so that you can be aware of the exact time.

The program interface is customizable: there are more than a dozen skins to choose from and more to be downloaded from the producer's website, both analog and digital, sober and funny. The program language can be set in one of the dozen languages available.

Besides showing the exact time, this application can be set to trigger an alarm whenever needed. Together with the alarm, the program can be set to display an icon and a message and to play a sound. Alarms can be scheduled for each day of the week.

Other extra features of the program are the wallpaper changer and the screen-saver. This means that you can set a custom wallpaper or screen-saver (displaying the date and time) using the program's features. You can download lots of screen-savers or wallpapers from the producer's website in order to customize your clock. You can set the program to automatically synchronize time with a time server of your choice.


Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: This is a nice application, with a few useful options. Try it and see for yourself.

version reviewed: 2.5.0

What's Required in Version 4.1.1 of PerfectClock Professional Edition

Windows 2000, XP, Vista

What's New in Version 4.1.1 of PerfectClock Professional Edition

* NEW FEATURE: New script variables DAYOFYEAR, DAYOFYEARDIGIT1..3, YEARDIGIT1..4 added. * NEW FEATURE: New /SYNC command line parameter for better clock synchronization. * BUG FIXED: Windows Vista Specific: Unable to select Alarm sound file.

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